Licenced Coaches

Well done for making the decision to Find A Coach, it is a life changing decision. We trust that you will already know there are many types of coaches and coaching styles available to you. We are delighted that you are looking for the best as we believe you deserve a coaching relationship that offers you the most value in terms of partnering for your needs.

The only way to achieve that is to partner with a coach that is trained beyond the normal logical coaching competencies and activities and have a deep understanding of neurological application of coaching. This is where the WACN comes in to play, it is the most evolved and advanced version of coaching because it is Whole-system, Integrated with Neuroscience (WIN)

The WACN WIN coaches you will find here have proven themselves to bring a strength and power to coaching that elevates their offering of coaching far beyond what you can get anywhere else.

Because WACN WIN Licensed coaches are the most evolved and industry relevant coaches currently in the market place.

Licensed coaches are categorised in to 4 key areas

As coaching is life change, we advise when choosing a Coach it is essential to do your homework and do a chemistry check. Homework enables you make a logical decision, chemistry check enables you make a neuro-logical decision.
  • Anne Rousseau

    Empowering executives and new entrepreneurs to build boundaries and become more assertive so that they can build self-confidence, develop a can-do attitude, achieve better work/life balance and excel professionally and personally. As their thinking par …

  • Monica Jackman

    I am a licenced Life Coach with Neuroscience and an accredited Counsellor with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of areas.  I have worked with several International Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) for many years.  I work online and face …

  • Clara O’Keeffe

    Clara has an Advanced Diploma in Executive, Life and Neuroperformance Coaching as well as a Certificate in Neurowellness Coaching from PSG. She continues to learn and grow as a coach through CPD to bring her clients the latest thinking in coaching. She …

  • Lucy Cronly

    I am a Professional Coach with Neuroscience, my approach to coaching is to listen with heart, head and gut so that our inner wisdoms can be accessed, gaps can be bridged to enable us to realise our potential and be our best selves. Neuroscience in coac …

  • Aodhdín Forbes

    I am a Leadership Coach, empowering people to LEAD their best lives, both professionally and personally. My background in Recruitment/HR and Education has allowed me to assist many who wanted to make a change, to learn and grow, and to set themselves o …

  • Marie Browne

    Qualified Life Coach, Focus on Wellness, Confidence, Motivation & Leadership. A highly accomplished leader in people development and operational management, with a proven track record of building and motivating teams

  • Olive Murphy

    Developing ‘Career Success Mindsets’ through the principles of Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing. For over 10 years Olive has successfully recruited all levels in the Pharmaceutical, Property and Financial sectors and for the last few …

  • Catriona Kirwan

    Catriona is an accredited Personal Performance Coach with a passion for inspiring her clients to achieve their personal or professional potential through WIN coaching. Her areas of expertise include Stress & Overwhelm, Self-Belief and Confidence an …

  • James Keys

  • Sinead Sisson

  • Fiona Callan

    Coaching to be … Do you want to get from where you are to where you want to be? Undertake a learning journey whilst making positive change.  Reveal your creativity and capabilities, become excited about change and achieve the results that you want – in …

  • Supporting people to live the life they love through coaching.

    Tina Adagun

    Tina Adagun is a Life, Executive and Wellbeing coach, and CEO Empower Services, a business delivering coaching, training and self-management services to individuals and groups to empower people live the life they love. A dedicated, results focused prof …

  • Patricia Tiernan

    Career and Personal Development Coach with over 15 years global HR & recruitment experience. Hold a MSc in Personal and Management Coaching from UCC and have been a Coach for PSG coaches in training since 2014. Run a successful coaching business ca …

  • Shane Conaty

    Shane holds an advanced coaching with neuroscience diploma, having achieved excellent results. Shane mainly works with clients on conquering self doubt and inner criticism in order to help build confidence, develop positive habits, understand values an …

  • Lynda Morrissey

    Dia dhuit. I’m Lynda Morrissey, a social entrepreneur, life coach, career consultant, and a contemplative. I coach individuals worldwide to support you to live your unique calling and gifts in service to a more beautiful, peaceful and thriving world, w …

  • Bronagh Rumgay

    As a professional life coach, my greatest joy is to share my wisdom with you, my client, in a safe and confidential space. Having worked in large multinational companies for over 18 years, I’ve seen first hand the joys and tribulations of students comi …

  • Jane Feighery

    Jane offers a creative, challenging, and supportive coaching partnership to assist ambitious leaders to achieve clarity of vision, direction, and narrative; defining their legacy. In the coaching relationship Jane acts as a confidante, a strategic soun …

  • Aisling Göbl

    The Irish Health & Wellness Coach

  • Michelle O’Sullivan

    Michelle has over 21 years HR experience working at senior leadership level in a multi-national investment bank. She has transitioned from her corporate role to coach & mentor. With a long standing & successful career, Michelle leverages this e …

  • Anthony Gallagher

    I coach adults with autism (or ADHD, OCD , PDA, ODD, dyslexia, dyspraxia) to take more from life than they currently are getting. I combine my experience as a certified WIN coach with 6 years experience working with autistic teens and adults and 20 yea …

  • Richella Boggan

    Executive and Business Coach, Sales and Whole-system Wellness and Neuro Performance Coach, Director of Global Business Solutions at Positive Success Group Richella has 30 years’ experience at being able to scale and grow the businesses she has lead thr …

  • Kellie McDermott

    I specialise as a mental health/wellness coach but also offer general life coaching. My background is in mental health, having worked as a clinical nurse specialist in the area for many years. Coupled with the professional qualification in coaching wit …

  • Jean O’Neill

    I’m an Executive & Life Coach, Career Coach and NeuroWellness Coach.  Working together in a confidential co-active and co-creative partnership I am passionate and dedicated to supporting people in various aspects of their personal and professional …

  • Esther Zirkzee

    Having lived in four countries across two continents and having worked in a variety of roles in diverse industries (fitness, construction, banking, software, public & private education, retail, consultancy), I can safely say that change can be a ch …


    I am a qualified PSG Coach with neuroscience. My areas of coaching are Life coaching, Career Coaching, Student Coaching and Business Coaching. I work with people to help them to deal with any obstacles or changes that they face in life with a new persp …

  • Michelle Hickey

    I am a qualified Accountant with over 23 years working in the world of Business.  During this time I have mentored and consulted on various projects.  I am also a qualified Life Coach with Neuroscience and I would like to combine my business skills wit …

  • Valentina Tortorelli

    I support people in discovering their potential and intentionally create opportunities to live the life they desire. I have always been passionate about continuous self development and I am honored to be in a position to share my expertise with you all …

  • Dairín Patry

    Passionate about the Positive Power of Coaching. ​Working closely with people to help them get the best out of their lives, career and their sense of well-being and fulfilment is Dairín’s passion and drive in life.  Her career started out in hotel mana …

  • Elizabeth Hanney

    Hi, I’m Elizabeth, I am committed to inspiring people to find their passion, reach their potential and ultimately to fulfil their life purpose. With the rapid changes that are occurring in our world today the need for courage, flexibility and innovatio …

  • Marc Evans

    A Performance & Leadership Coach helping clients optimize their professional and personal life experiences through a process that guides their discovery and deployment of often-hidden skills. Informed by Neuroscience, my services are used by Client …

  • Gaia Dal Ferro

    After moving to Ireland in 1997 Gaia spent nineteen years in a variety of senior leadership roles in IBM, developing extensive experience in sales leadership, customer experience, operational excellence, change management and acquisition integration pr …

  • Gillian Lawless

    Gillian is a business leader with a passion for equality, diversity and inclusion. Gillian’s academic background is in psychology, counselling & psychotherapy, coaching and music and she has worked in a variety of businesses in non-profit and for-p …

  • Susie Leacy

    Through having years of experience in business and HR it supports a unique coaching offering, perspective, and experience which I can bring to my clients. I am passionate about Executive – Workplace – Leadership coaching and supporting HR professionals …

  • Lynda Emmett

  • Kati Bori

    As a Cancer recovery and Confidence coach, support women who battle cancer, to move forward in life with a complex Life coaching, Image, and Oncology Beauty program. Supporting Cancer Survivor groups on Facebook: “Breast Talk” (1k members assisted by o …

  • Keava McQuaid

    Following a career spanning over 20 years working in the global corporate environment, Keava co-founded The Inner Works Factory in early 2020.  Her background in sales leadership, customer experience, organisational learning & development and coach …

  • Tracy Ward

    Originally from Dublin, I relocated to London just over 8 years ago, and very much have one foot in each city (virtually for now). My corporate career spanned over 15 years, reaching senior leadership Human Resources positions with responsibilities for …

  • Simon Gallagher

    “When writing your story, don’t let someone else hold the pen” Hi, I’m Simon and I am a qualified Professional and Personal Life Coach. I have been working for 15 years globally across scientific research groups and multinationals, building cross cultu …

  • Angela Coleman

    I am a life coach and workplace coach delivered through 1:1 and group coaching online & in person. I work with clients who are motivated to change,requiring belief and trust in themselves to persue whatever it is they want to change personally and …

  • Paraic Keenan

    Hi there, thank you for visiting my profile. I am a full-time Executive and Performance Coach supporting leaders to link personal development to professional performance through coaching. Connection and people are important to me, as are the values of …

  • Carla Hartnett

    Hi, my name is Carla and I am a professional coach who is extremely passionate about delivering high value to my clients.  My goal is to enable my clients to achieve meaningful and quality results.  I bring high energy and a wealth of knowledge and exp …

  • Janet Kane

    Janet is an Executive Coach, with a special interest in helping clients to positively focus, to believe in themselves and their potential, to successfully navigate challenging situations and to improve their interpersonal relationships in the workplace …

  • Susan Gillmon

    I am an Advanced Practitioner Executive and Life Coach (with Neuroscience). I also offer Career & Workplace Coaching, and Executive & Leadership Coaching. With my experience as an HR leader I can also consult on bespoke Leadership Training, and …

  • Neeve Guinnane

    Neeve Guinnane – ‘Be’ Coaching Solutions. Be Inspired, Be Empowered, Be You! 23+ Years in the Corporate world, Neeve worked predominately in the Tech space for companies such as Facebook and Linkedin where she worked in senior HR roles. Her last role w …

  • Orla King

    She is passionate about people development, helping and enabling people to shed self-doubt, strengthen beliefs, guide others to overcome real and imagined obstacles to achievement and creating a better, fun and fulfilling life. Orla has over 25 years’ …

  • Stephen McDonnell

    Stephen McDonnell founder of Timesworth Ltd., is a change enabler, working with leaders and business owners to join the dots, enabling transformational change in their business / lives. Stephen’s passion is people and enabling their full potential. Ste …

  • Aisling Melia

    Specialist in Career Coaching using techniques that are underpinned by research in Neuroscience. I have coached people at all stages of their career journey. From deciding what career to choose, working on change and progression along the way and suppo …

  • Amy Kirwan

    Having worked extensively in the corporate & customer facing arena and as a working mother, I coach people in all walks of life as we navigate life’s challenges. I find it a privilege to coach my clients.  Join me if you’d like to improve confidenc …

  • Amanda Ringrose

    Amanda specialized in Relational Dynamics Coaching and is also a mentor who has worked alongside people to help them emerge and transform their lives, supporting them in their own braveness and resilience delving into their own inner strength, pushing …